Memories Salt Creek Studio

It was in August of 2012 that Salt Creek Studio closed.  If I recall, there were about 30 really talented artist that occupied studios throughout the Salt Creek Artworks building.  Not to mention the almost 3,000 sq ft of gallery space, it was cleared out and eventually bulldozed to the ground to make way for a parking lot.  I first moved into Salt Creek sometime around 2005.  But there were artists who had occupied studios in various locations since it opened it’s in the early 1990’s.  Two of the original occupants were Lance Rodgers and Herb Snitzer.  My friend Gerard Louis Drouillard occupied space in Salt Creek in the 90’s and again in the mid 2000’s.  With the closing of Salt Creek, Luigi moved to Palm Springs, CA and continued to work until is untimely death in 2014.  All of this would not have been possible without the continued support by Pat Burgess, owner of the building.  She was one of the early supporters of the arts before St Petersburg had all the “arts” activity and support it has today.  Thank you Pat for making it possible prior to St Pete becoming the arts magnet it is today.

I’ve only mentioned three of the artists working out of Salt Creek Artworks, there were many many more.  If you find yourself talking to a local artist who occupied a studio at Salt Creek, ask them what it was like.  Ask them about the exchange of ideas and conversations.  These artists helped to lay the foundation for the vibrant art community we have in St Petersburg today.  Take a moment and thank them.

Below are some photo of my fantastic studio at Salt Creek.