Degradated Shadows at Salt Creek

Degradated Shadows was a one person show at Salt Creek Artworks with a preview and reception on February 19, 2011. It is my most recent body of work and consisted of 12 mixed media pieces.

Degradated Shodows is the culmination of a year’s worth of new work. The image is the foundation. The degradation of the image is the process. The process starts with the surface, either canvass or board. Each surface is coated with gesso for an archival foundation. The images are printed large, torn up and reassembled, and then manipulated by paint, charcoal, different types of texture and encaustic.

Street art catches my attention. Stenciled, painted, pasted. What catches my attention even more is how it looks after it starts to fade, rip, tear and fall apart. In Zen, wabi sabi, is a view or aesthetic centered on the acceptance of impermanence, also interpreted as beauty in that which may not be considered traditionally beautiful. Degradated Shadows is a collection of images that may not be considered beautiful, but hopefully engaging.